Give the Gift of Fireworks

For celebrating a special day
or a special person.
Give the gift of fireworks.

What are Private Fireworks?

It is a private fireworks platform made up of a network of fireworks companies nationwide, allowing individuals and groups to easily order a personalized firework show online by simply selecting the date, location, and fireworks plan of their choice. We have prepared three plans to make it easy for anyone to enjoy a personalized fireworks show, even if they do not have any specific knowledge about fireworks or fireworks shops. All you have to do is select the private fireworks plan of your choice. Each plan is created by a fireworks company that is familiar with the location where the fireworks are to be launched, takes care of creating the most appropriate plan for that location, and launches the fireworks. If one of the fixed plans is not enough for your needs, we can also accommodate personalized orders, so please contact us for more information. Detailed information on the location of the fireworks launch and other matters will be sent to you by e-mail from the Ideya Inc. Management Office after you have ordered your fireworks plan. If you are unsure about anything, we are also more than willing to discuss your plan over the phone to ensure your satisfaction.


Here is our current service areas for Private Fireworks.
We would like you to select your preferred area and plan and apply for the service.
We will update the areas and plans as needed.

Akita Fukushima Niigata Yamanashi Nagano Aichi Kagoshima Okinawa

Please select your desired area and submit your application.
The area of availability and plans are updates as needed.

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