Give the Gift of Fireworks


Can the event be held even if it rains?

Fireworks will be launched even if it rains. However, in case of inclement weather exceeding the cancellation criteria or when inclement weather is expected, the Fireworks Company may cancel the event at its discretion.

What are the criteria for cancellation?

The Day before the launch

The Fireworks Company will confirm the weather on the day of the launch by the day before the launch, 1 p.m.. If the wind speed exceeds 10 meters or the rainfall exceeds 15 millimeters during the launch time, The Fireworks Company cancels launching and contacts you by e-mail. In such cases, all fireworks fees paid will be fully refunded.

The Day of the Launch
  1. If the wind speed at the launch site exceeds 10 meters or rainfall exceeds 15 millimeters during the launch time, the Fireworks Company and the customer will discuss whether to wait or cancel the lunch.
  2. If you decide to wait, we will wait for one hour for the weather to recover, during this time we will launch the fireworks if there is still time to do so.
  3. If the weather is not expected to recover by the end of the hour, the Fireworks Company will cancel the event.
  4. In such a case, the fireworks fee paid will be fully refunded.

If the event is canceled on the day of the event, the customer will be responsible for transportation costs to and from the viewing site.

Can I cancel?

Cancellation is free of charge from the time of application up to 40 days before the event.
Cancellations by the customer’s Convenience made 39 days before the event will incur the following cancellation charges.

39-20 days before the event:
30% of the fireworks fee
19-8 days before the event:
50% of the fireworks fee
7 to 2 days before the event:
80% of the fireworks fee
The day before or on the day of the fireworks:
100% of the fireworks fee

Can I change my application?

For your application before payment, please cancel it once and apply again.
As a rule, we cannot accept any changes to the details of an application that has already been paid for.
Please understand this in advance.

Is there parking available at the viewing location?

No, we do not provide parking for visitors. Please use the nearest parking lot after confirming your viewing location.

Can I order completely custom-made fireworks in addition to the plans?

Yes, we do. Please contact us below to inquire individually about your preferred location, fireworks, and budget.


Is it possible to carry out the event outside of the service area?

Pleasure to make arrangements on an individual basis. Please contact us below to inquire about your preferred location.

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