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Article 1 (General Provisions)
  • This agreement defines the terms and conditions for customers to make transactions such as purchasing products on the service (hereinafter referred to as "this Service") provided by I De Ya Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Our Company").
  • If the customer uses this Service, the customer will be deemed to have agreed to these Terms, etc.
Article 2 (Individual Contracts)
  • Once the customer sends the application details from the application form on this site, the customer will not be able to change the content of the application after that.
  • Our Company will inform the customer of the confirmed implementation date and payment options by e-mail within 7 business days from the date of the application in the preceding paragraph.
  • When Our Company sends the customer the e-mail in the preceding paragraph, an individual contract between the customer and Our Company will be concluded.
  • The customer should pay the fee at least 40 days before the implementation date by the payment options specified by Our Company in paragraph 1.
Article 3 (Cancellation of Individual Contract)
  • The customer can cancel the individual contract free of charge up to 40 days before the implementation date.
  • If the customer cancels the individual contract 40 days before the implementation date, the customer will be charged a cancellation fee as follows.
    1. 39-20 days before the event: 30% of the fireworks fee
    2. 19-8 days before the event: 50% of the fireworks fee
    3. 7 to 3 days before the event: 80% of the fireworks fee
    4. The day before or on the day of the fireworks: 100% of the fireworks fee
Article 4 (Cancellation of Fireworks)
  • Our Company will check the weather conditions by 1:00 p.m. on the day before the launch. If the wind speeds of 10 meters per second or more or rainfall exceeds 15 millimeters per hour during the launch time, Our Company will cancel the launch and notify the customer by e-mail.
  • If the wind speeds at the launch site exceeds 10 meters per second or rainfall exceeds 15 millimeters per hour during the launch time, the Fireworks Company and the customer will discuss whether to stand by or cancel the event.
  • If the Fireworks Company determines that the weather is not expected to recover within one hour, the fireworks will be canceled as a result of the discussion in the preceding paragraph.
  • If Our Company can not obtain the consent of the owner of the land, etc. for entering the land owned by a third party, or if it is determined that the Fireworks Company cannot carry out the launch due to earthquake, landslide, landslide, fire, disturbance, riot or other events that can not be attributed to the customer's responsibility, and the Fireworks Company will cancel the launch.
  • If the launch is canceled due to paragraph 1, paragraph 3, and the preceding paragraph, the fireworks fee paid will be fully refunded to the customer. However, even if the launch is canceled, you will be responsible for transportation expenses and other expenses to the viewing site and damages.
Article 5 (Effects of the Natural Environment, etc.)

Our Company does not refund the cost of fireworks to the customer even if the fireworks display is incomplete or the view of the fireworks from the viewing site is inadequate due to natural circumstances at the time of the launch that cannot be attributed to the responsibility of the customer or Our Company.
In such cases, Our Company is not responsible for any compensation for damages incurred by the customer.

Article 6 (Environmental Protection)

In all of our business activities, Our Company will comply with environmental laws, regulations, and related requirements, and take appropriate measures to promote continuous improvement in global environmental protection and pollution prevention.

Article 7 (Damage Caused to Third Parties)

If a third party is damaged as a result of the launch based on an individual contract, Our Company will be responsible for compensating the third party for the damage.

Article 8 (Prohibited Matters)
  • The customer shall not engage in any of the following acts in using this Service
    1. Violation of laws and regulations, court decisions, etc., or legally binding administrative measures
    2. Acts that harm or may harm public order or good morals
    3. Other cooperation and provision of benefits for antisocial forces
    4. Acts of transferring earnings by crime, or aiding and abetting such acts
    5. Spoofing or intentionally sending false information to a third party
    6. Applying to purchase the product without the intention of purchasing
    7. Self-dealing, internal transactions within a related party, or fictitious transactions
    8. Infringing on or causing trouble to the rights of other third parties, other customers, and our company
    9. Unauthorized access or any act that promotes such access
    10. Inducing malfunction of the Service
    11. Placing an excessive burden on computers, other customers' servers, Our Company, etc.
    12. Transmitting or distributing harmful programs such as computer viruses to other third parties, other customers, Our Company, etc.
    13. Interfering with the operation of this Service
    14. Using this Service for any unauthorized purpose
    15. Violating the Terms of Use or going against the purpose of this Service
    16. Any other act that Our Company deems inappropriate
  • If a customer violates any of the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, fails to fulfill his/her obligations to Our Company, or is suspected of such violation, Our Company may take any or all of the measures stipulated in the following items without notifying the customers in advance.
    1. Suspending the use of this Service by customers
    2. Suspending the performance of the products ordered by the customer, or requesting the Fireworks Company to do so.
    3. Requesting the customer to pay in a different way from the payment options selected at the time of order.
  • Our Company is not responsible for any damage incurred by the customer due to the measures described in the preceding paragraph.
  • If damage occurs to Our Company due to the customer's violation of paragraph 1, the customer will return any profits obtained by the customer due to the violation to Our Company, or immediately compensate for any damage incurred to Our Company.
Article 9 (Handling of Personal Information)

Our Company will properly handle personal information acquired by using this Service by customers in accordance with our personal information protection policy (Privacy Policy).

Article 10 (Prohibition of Transfer)

The customer cannot transfer or lend the rights and obligations related to the use of this Service to a third party.

Article 11 (Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction)

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and for all disputes related to these Terms and individual contracts, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court is the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.

Article 12 (Revision of these Terms and Conditions)

Our Company may revise these Terms at any time without notifying the customers in advance, and the revised Terms will take effect when Our Company posts the revised Terms on the website designated by Our Company (if Our Company separately determines the effective date of the revised Terms of Use, The day.)
If the customer uses this Service after that, the customer will be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms of Use.

Established January 10th, 2023


This Privacy Policy is for using Fireworks Display (hereinafter referred to as "this Service") through "Let's Set Off Fireworks" (hereinafter referred to as "this Site") hosted by I De Ya Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Our Company") and explains (1) how Our Company collects, uses and shares your information as described below and (2) how to contact Our Company.
Please read this Privacy Policy and use the Site and this Service only if you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.
If the customer is a minor, please make sure that you and your parent or guardian agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy or please be sure to consult with us.

  • Information to obtain

    Our Company obtains the following information (hereinafter referred to as "Various Types of Information") from customers when they use this Site and this Service.
    In addition, to the extent permitted by laws, Our Company may create information that is unable to identify individual customers such as statistical materials from various information, and such information is not eligible for this Privacy Policy.

    Information to be provided by the customer
    1. Customer's name, Address, Telephone number, and E-mail address
    2. Other, information entered by the customer in the application form and information related to handling for inquiries and support.
  • Usage Purpose of Information

    Our Company will use Various Types of Information for the following purposes. Except as permitted by law, Our company will not use the Various Types of Information for any other purpose without obtaining the consent of the customer in advance.
    To operate this website. Specific examples are as follows

    1. Preparation and implementation of our services
    2. Guidance from Our Company or the Fireworks Company after the decision to participate in this Service, response to inquiries, and other contacts.
    3. To investigate and respond to unauthorized access and other acts contrary to the terms of use, etc.
    4. To improve and enhance this Site and this Service providing system, etc.
    5. To improve and enhance our products and service plans (including content), the quality and development providing system, etc.
  • Provision to Third Parties
    1. We will not provide various information to third parties without obtaining your consent in advance, except when permitted by law and in this privacy policy.
    2. Providing information to Fireworks CompaniesOur Company shares the handling of Various Type i of Information with the Fireworks Company in charge of setting up fireworks to the extent necessary for the implementation of this Service that you have applied for.
    3. Provision of information to contractorsOur Company may outsource the handling of Various Types of Information to third parties (including cloud service providers and advertising distribution companies) after taking appropriate safety management measures to the extent necessary to achieve the specified purpose in the above "2. Usage Purpose of Information".
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy

    The Company may change this Privacy Policy at any time to the extent permitted by law.

  • Inquiry Desk

    If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or if you wish to exercise your rights to disclosure, correction, or suspension, etc. of various information obtained from customers, please contact Our Company using the "Inquiry Form" below.Click here for inquiry form

  • Miscellaneous
    1. SeparabilityIf any part of this Privacy Policy is found to be invalid, the rest of this Privacy Policy shall not be affected and remain in full force.
    2. Court of lawIf there is a need for litigation between the customer and Our Company in connection with this privacy policy, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance.


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